Student Teams

ECE students have the opportunity to take part in a variety of student teams to work on cutting-edge projects! By joining a student team, our students gain technical experience, expand their network within the ECE and UBC community, improve skills to bring forward in their careers after graduation, and most importantly, have some fun with other students at UBC!

Below we are excited to highlight some of the student teams at UBC our ECE students participate in. For more information on each team and the exciting work they do, and how you can get involved, read on!

AeroDesignFormula UBC Racing


UBC AeroDesign designs, builds, and flies fixed-wing remote-control electric aircraft to participate in the annual SAE Aero Design competition series, providing UBC students with an excellent opportunity to gain experience in the field of aeronautical engineering. From aerodynamic and structural analysis, to propulsion and controls simulation, to machine learning and computer vision, we do it all!

ECE students can expect to work on the avionics (aircraft electronics and software) for our primary aircrafts and for a smaller drone that deploys from the Advanced Class primary aircraft. Avionics work can include:
●      Machine learning/computer vision models for target identification and navigation planning
●      Embedded programming for aircraft sensing and control
●      Full stack programming for data visualization, target verification, and telemetry reporting
●      Power supplies sizing/optimization that drive our electric motors and electronics
Additionally, if interested, ECE students have an equal opportunity to learn aircraft and mechanical design techniques!

If you are interested in learning more about UBC AeroDesign, we host live information sessions end of August and in the beginning of September (Imagine Day, etc.). You are welcome to reach out to us there, or on social media:
Feel free to also email us at to learn more about the team, or if you’re more specifically interested in joining the team!

Formula UBC Racing

Formula UBC Racing designs, builds, tests, and races a new single-seat race car each year. The team participates in an annual student competition put on by the Society of Automotive Engineers. Every May the team trailers down our car to Michigan and competes against approximately 120 international teams. Throughout the year, students take parts or entire subsystems through all the stages of design. Starting with problem definition and concept generation, the team performs simulations and iteration, manufacturing, off-the-car testing if applicable, and finally implementing the design onto the car.

ECE students are involved in sensor integration, data acquisition, vehicle wiring harnesses, power distribution, and driver-controlled pneumatic systems like paddle shifting and opening/closing the rear wing for the Drag Reduction System (DRS). Anything from a tire temperature sensor to a brake light can be designed by students on the team. Integration into the vehicle and the design process for any individual part often requires inter-disciplinary team communication to make good design justifications, like how to mount new parts in CAD so nothing interferes once the parts go on the car.
ECE students can expect to learn about most of the electrical modules, sensors, and interconnecting harnessing on the car and in doing this they will be able to learn skills like making a wiring harness, implementing CAN bus communication, C- based STM32 microcontroller firmware, and PCB design in Altium. In addition to learning new skills, you will be in a student-led environment and surrounded by people who have similar interests so it’s a great place to make friends and have the opportunity to work on projects together.

To learn more about Formula UBC Racing, visit: