Capstone Design Projects

A capstone design project is a major component of our engineering curriculum. You will design a product/service of significance, and solve an open-ended problem in electrical or computer engineering.

Students must register to the specific capstone project course related to their program and option, as the nature of the projects offered will be different. 

If you are a member of industry who would like to find out more please visit our Capstone Partners page.


CPEN 491 Computer Engineering Capstone Design Project

ELEC 491 Electrical Engineering Capstone Design Project 

ELEC 494 Biomedical Engineering Capstone Design Project

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Capstone Design Project Course Objectives

Once a project is assigned, students will oversee everything from idea generation to product deployment. By the end of the capstone design course, you will have demonstrated that you can:

  • work in a team
  • communicate with a client
  • formulate and analyze a problem
  • explore and propose a solution
  • manage a budget and run a cost evaluation
  • present to an audience in written and verbal format 
  • implement and validate a working prototype of your proposed solution

Course Structure & Commitment

Capstone runs from September to April and counts for 10 credits. Students are grouped into teams of four to six and focus on working with a client or customer. In many cases, the client will be from local industry or from an organization on campus.

Each project will be assigned an instructor, who will act as your supervisor. You may also be assigned a project mentor or advisor to provide expertise as required.

You will be supplied funds for the project.

Two afternoons each week will be reserved for the capstone design project courses to allow for regular meetings with your supervisor for:

  • progress reports
  • in-class instructions
  • invited lectures
  • student presentations
  • team meetings and work time

Each student is expected to put about 260 hours of work across both terms into this project.


First Week

Faculty or clients will present possible projects, and you will be asked to bid for a few. Teams will then be formed; in some cases, these may be interdisciplinary.

First Month

The first month will be dedicated to understanding the issue at stake, with a gradual elaboration of a design and a prototype.

October to March

Submission of reports and presentations to instructors, clients and peers.

April: Capstone Design Celebration

The year will culminate with a project fair to showcase your projects at the beginning of April.

Help Us Solicit Projects

If you know of any industry members who would like to submit a project, or if your co-op employer is interested in offering a project, please contact or visit the Capstone Partners page.