Pets of ECE: Jasper

Jasper is a mutt belonging to the family of ECE Student Services and Engagement manager Ross Sheppard. Jasper was adopted from the SPCA, and Ross explains that his genealogical test showed that he’s a mix of American Eskimo, Pomeranian Chihuahua, Terrier- and “unknown.”

His favourite food is anything edible; more specifically bones, sausages, melon, and treats. He will drink tea with milk if you leave your cup unattended!

He loves roaming the trails of Pacific Spirit Park, and long walks on the beach. He can jump very high when he’s happy, or trying to catch a squirrel climbing a tree- but he’s never been successful at catching one yet!

He loves hanging out with his family of humans. His special powers include his smile, and his ability to look like he has not been fed for days when he is begging for treats.

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