Pets of ECE: Luna

Luna is a 3-year-old cat belonging to ECE PhD candidate Elena Dobre.

Luna is a rescue cat, who Elena adopted, along with her sister Devi, after fostering two other cats through the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association.

“Her favorite spot in my home is the bed, and she likes to sleep under the blankets,” Elena says.

She describes how she loved her naps in the bed so much, they eventually had to ban her from the bedroom when fur started to get everywhere. After being banned, Elena says, “Luna didn’t eat for a week!”

“She became super friendly and cuddly after a visit to the vet after that week,” Elena remembers. “Of course the door to the bedroom has been open ever since that incident.”

Something funny about Luna is that, instead of meowing, she often makes a high-pitched trill.  “She sounds like a mosquito, running around the house trilling!”

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