Takahata and Nojeh included in Best of Physica Status Solidi 2014

A publication by Profs. Takahata and Nojeh will be included in this year’s addition of the Best of Physica Status Solidi.  In this sought-after paper, one of the most accessed in 2013, the research team reports results from integrating  a normally open, shape-memory-alloy based MEMS switch with a carbon-nanotube (CNT) forest used as a contact material. The outcome of their experiments suggest that the integration of CNT forests with shape-memory-alloys is a promising path toward realizing a reliable MEMS contact switch for high-power applications.

The 2014 edition of Best of pss includes contributions from two Focus Issues on topological insulators and semiconductor nanowires in the journal Rapid Research Letters as well as Review or Feature Articles in pss (a)/(b) and selected regular contributions from all four pss journals. Best of Physica Status Solidi 2014 collects a wide spectrum of topics, ranging from silicene to thermoelectric applications, written by expert authors from all over the world.

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High-power MEMS switch enabled by carbon-nanotube contact and shape-memory-alloy actuator. by Dahmardeh, M., Mohamed Ali, M. S., Saleh, T., Hian, T. M., Moghaddam, M. V., Nojeh, A. and Takahata, K. (2013), Phys. Status Solidi A, 210: 631–638. doi: 10.1002/pssa.201228678

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