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PhD, MASc, and MEng applications are now open for the September 2022 start date!

Application Deadlines for September start dates:
- MEng, MASc and PhD applications will close on January 15th, 2022
- We will continue to accept references, documents and test scores until January 31st, 2022

Application Deadlines for January start dates:
- MASc and PhD applications open on May 1st, and close on June 1st
- We do not accept MEng applications for the January start date

Students applying for September admission will be notified of a decision in the Spring. Students applying for January admission will be notified of a decision in late Summer. These rough timelines of results depend on the number and competitiveness of applications being reviewed.

A note for Four Year Fellowship hopefuls: All MASc and PhD applicants who complete their September applications for the doctoral program by December 31st will be eligible to be nominated by an ECE faculty member for a Four Year Fellowship that year.

Learn about our programs
The Graduate Degree Programs offered by the Department are:

Prospective students should be familiar with the requirements and advantages of our programs before selecting a program of study on their application.

Explore our research
Before applying, we recommend that prospective students explore the general research areas that the ECE department is loosely structured around:

Explore our Faculty
We also recommend that prospective applicants explore the personal web pages of the faculty members they might be interested in working with. Our faculty listing can be found here.

Applicants to the MASc and PhD programs must have a faculty member who is willing to supervise their graduate program before they will be admitted to graduate studies in the department. It is not mandatory to find a supervisor before applying, but you are welcome to do so and in some cases contacting a faculty member beforehand may increase your chances of them reviewing your file. Please note that all applications which are complete and approved for circulation by department admissions staff are made available to all faculty members. When you apply, you will be able to indicate your preferred supervisors or research groups you are interested in working with.

MEng applicants do not require a supervisor to be admitted as the program is course-based. MEng admission decisions and advising are conducted by the ECE admission team and the MEng Program Advisor (MPA).

There are two stages in the Admissions Process at UBC: one at the Departmental level, followed by one at the University level.

Department Admissions Process

At the Departmental level, individual ECE faculty members will consider your overall eligibility, comparing and contrasting your interests with their research group objectives. If a faculty member wishes to extend an offer of admission, he or she will inform the ECE admissions staff and we will prepare the admission file for UBC Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies approval.

MEng applicants do not require a supervisor to be admitted as the program is course-based, so admission decisions are conducted by the ECE admission team and the MEng Program Advisor (MPA).

University Admissions Process

Once our ECE department has approved a student for admission, the final step is to forward the file to Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies for final approval. Once this final approval is granted, the student will receive a formal offer of admission.

Applicants are welcome to review Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies' Admission Procedures, but please note that our ECE department has specific minimum requirements above the UBC-wide minimums that applicants must follow to be successfully admitted to an ECE graduate program.

Please do not submit any hardcopy documents via mail when you apply. If you are admitted to UBC, further instructions on submitting hardcopies will be sent to you directly.

We will require the following when you submit your online application. Please note that only PDF format documents will be accepted.
  • Video Submission for MEng Applicants only
  • Official Transcript showing university grading scale
  • CV
  • A UBC-specific Statement of Purpose
  • Scores from your English proficiency exam (IELTS or TOEFL, if required)
  • GPA Calculation (if not indicated on your official transcript)
  • Scan of Permanent Residency Card (not required for international applicants)
  • Three letters of support from referees (must be submitted by the referees, not the applicant)
  • GRE Score (not mandatory)

Video Submission (for MEng Applicants only): When MEng students submit their application online, they will see step-by-step instructions to submit a video interview as part of the application through our video submission platform. This video submission is mandatory for all MEng applicants. The video interview will include one question that applicants will have 1 minute to answer.

Official Transcript from each post-secondary institution you have attended (college, university, etc.): You are required to upload a PDF version to your application, that clearly shows your university grading scale. All evaluations of your application will be based on these uploaded versions of your transcripts. The same applies to your Degree certificates/diplomas and official translations if required. Please note that we can accept current transcripts from degrees that are in progress at the time of application.

Curriculum Vitae (CV): Your CV should outline professional employment experience, education, publications, and awards which you feel should be taken into account in considering your application for admission and/or scholarships. Please ensure that you list the titles of research projects / graduation theses. If your thesis or other writing is available online, please consider including links to your work.

UBC-specific Statement of Purpose: A clearly written (two pages maximum) Statement of Purpose outlining your goals for your degree program. Specifically, you should detail why you would like to attend UBC to engage in studies leading to a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Please describe your aptitude and motivation for graduate study in your interest area, including your preparation for this field of study, your academic plans or research goals, and your future career goals. Additionally, please indicate whether you have been awarded or have applied for any scholarships (e.g.: NSERC PGSM/PGSD, CIHR PGSM/PGSD, China Scholarship Council, etc.) and include amount of funding, duration of funding, etc.

TOEFL or IELTS scores (if required): 
If you are an applicant from outside Canada in which English is not the primary language of the country, you are required to submit official results of an English proficiency examination. Please note that TOEFL and IELTS scores must be sent in via ETS transfer from the test centres directly. We are unable to accept any other means of TOEFL submission.

For further information on our minimum language requirements, please see: here.

For TOEFL submissions, we only accept academic test scores (NOT general). Please use the UBC institution code when sending through ETS: 0965. If asked for a department code, please indicate the Electrical and Computer Engineering department.

For IELTS submissions, please indicate on the IELTS application form:

  • Name of institution: The University of British Columbia
  • Name of person/department: Graduate School Admissions
  • Address: 170-6371 Crescent Road, Vancouver BC V6T 1Z2, Canada

A GPA calculation (if required): Please upload a pdf version of your GPA calculation if your GPA is not clearly indicated on your official transcript.

  • For domestic students, GPA is calculated using only senior level (300 and 400-level) courses. For international students, GPA is calculated using all grades listed on the transcript. If your transcript does not show an overall GPA, please upload a PDF of your GPA calculation using the GPA calculator here.
  • UBC students do not need to provide transcripts or GPA to their applications for their UBC degrees, as we already have UBC transcripts on file
  • Some transcripts do have a mix of both numerical and non-numerical. If your transcript states grades that are non-numerical (Good, A, B, etc.), we will review your transcript to identify your eligibility and contact you if we need further clarification.
  • Again, please remember to always include your university grading scale when you upload your official transcript to your application.

A scan of your Permanent Resident (PR) Card (if applicable): 
If you are a Permanent Resident of Canada, you are required to submit a PDF scan of both sides of your Permanent Residency card or, if you have not yet obtained a card, of your Record of Landing in Canada.

Three Reference Letters: All three reference letters must be submitted by your referees to your application. At least one of your references should detail your academic achievement and how you would perform in a graduate level degree program. Please be sure to contact your referees in advance of your application so that you have their correct contact information. When you apply, you will be asked to provide the following referee information, and an email will be automatically sent to them asking for their reference submission via either our e-reference form or uploading a written letter:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • An official institution email address - personal email addresses (gmail, yahoo, etc.) cannot be accepted.
  • Contact information at his/her institution
  • Title or position held

***GRE scores (not mandatory): All applicants are welcome to submit a GRE score in support of their application if they wish. If you choose to submit a GRE score, please ask GRE to submit their examination report to UBC using the UBC institution code 0965.

Submit Your Application

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Prepare your answers

The online application system will ask several ECE-specific questions. Please think about the following questions in advance of beginning your online application:

  • Which research area are you interested in?
 Acronym  Research Area
 BIOT  Biomedical Technologies
 COMM  Communication Systems
 COSE  Computer and Software Systems
 EPES  Energy Systems
 MINA  Micro and Nano Technologies
  • For MASc and PhD applicants, which faculty members are you interested in working with?
  • Do you require financial support?

For MEng students, follow the step by step instructions on your online application to submit your answer to our video interview question.

Visit our Costs page for further information.

For questions about admission procedure and ECE requirements, prospective students are welcome to contact

A note to all prospective applicants: M.Eng., M.A.Sc., or Ph.D. degrees alone do not form an acceptable basis for application to Associations of Professional Engineers in Canada. For more information about this, please visit the UBC Academic Calendar.