Changing Supervisors

Changing circumstances and life events may lead either you or your supervisor to consider ending the working relationship.  A change of supervisors may be the best option for both the graduate student and the supervisor:

·       Supervisor leaves the university
·       Incompatibility of the graduate student and supervisor
·       Funding
·       Student changes area of interest

Changing supervisors is a big step.  It can be stressful and take time that you might otherwise spend on your work. Before you take this step, consult the Handbook on Graduate Supervision for suggestions on guiding you through the decision-making process.

Departmental Procedure for Changing Supervisor  

·       Attempt to resolve the issue through discussion with the Graduate Advisor and the original supervisor
·       Ensure that both “old” and “new” supervisors are part of the decision
·       Notify the department by emailing