ELEC 331

Computer Communications

Analysis, design and implementation of computer networks and their protocols. Application layer protocols, transmission control protocol (TCP), Internet protocol (IP), routing algorithms, reliable data transfer, multiple access, Ethernet. [3-0-2]

4 credits

Course Topics

  • Analysis and design of computer networks.
  • Understanding layered architecture of Internet.
  • Protocol layers and their service models.
  • Principles of HTTP, FTP, and SMTP.
  • Understanding peer-to-peer applications.
  • Network socket programming using Java.
  • Understanding TCP and UDP.
  • Flow and congestion control.
  • Understanding network layer services.
  • Forwarding and routing.
  • Virtual-circuit networks.
  • Datagram networks.
  • Broadcast and multicast routing.
  • Introduction to link-layer and its services.
  • Simple error-detection and error-correction techniques.
  • Simple multiple-access protocols.
  • Local area networks


ONE of
CPEN 331 – Operating Systems
ELEC 221 – Signals and Systems
CPSC 261 – Basics of Computer Systems

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