ELEC 461

Nanotechnology in Electronics

Topics of special importance to understanding and designing electronic devices in which quantum effects and the discrete nature of matter become important.

3 credits

Course Outline

  • Review of syllabus and introduction to nanoelectronics
  • Review of quantum mechanics of confined systems
  • Numerical methods for solving the Schrödinger equation
  • Multiple particle systems and the self-consistent field
  • Particle statistics and density of states
  • Electron confinement in 2D, 1D, and 0D
  • Periodic potentials and the band theory of solids
  • Confinement and subbands
  • What makes electrons flow and the one level rate equations
  • Quantum dots, the coulomb blockade, and single electron transistors
  • Nanowires, nanotubes, and ballistic transport


G. W. Hansen, “Fundamentals of Nanoelectronics”, Prentice Hall, ISBN: 0-13-195708-2


ONE of
CHEM 312 – Introduction to Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy
ELEC 315 – Electrical Engineering Materials and Devices
PHYS 250 – Introduction to Modern Physics
PHYS 304 – Introduction to Quantum Mechanics


ONE of
APSC 201 – Technical Communication
MTLR 478 – Electronic Materials

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